Retro Racer Original Soundtrack




The Retro Racer OST was both my first soundtrack as well as my first album release. It was a collaborative effort between Alexander Emenheiser and myself, with some assistance from Golfertrytek on the Famitracker forums.

Retro Racer was developed by Jeffrey Kerns of Bukket Games. I'm still really happy I had the opportunity to contribute to his project.

Favorite track: check your oil level!!


Complete Download ZIP
01. Retro Racer MP3 NSF FTM
02. Techracer (Remix) arrangement: Alexander Emenheiser MP3 NSF FTM
03. Techracer feat: Golfertrytek MP3 NSF FTM
04. Azure Determination MP3 NSF FTM
05. Glaive (Original Version) MP3 NSF FTM
06. Glaive (Game Version) arrangement: Alexander Emenheiser MP3 NSF FTM
07. Cold Friction MP3 NSF FTM
08. Hauling Gas MP3 NSF FTM
09. check your oil level!! composition: Alexander Emenheiser MP3 NSF FTM
10. Burnout MP3 NSF FTM

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