Retro Racer Original Soundtrack

Published: August 03, 2012




The Retro Racer OST was both my first soundtrack as well as my first album release. It was a collaborative effort between Alexander Emenheiser and myself, with some assistance from Golfertrytek on the Famitracker forums.

Retro Racer was developed by Jeffrey Kerns of Bukket Games. I'm still really happy I had the opportunity to contribute to his project.

Favorite track: check your oil level!!


Complete Download ZIP
01. Retro Racer MP3 NSF FTM
02. Techracer (Remix) MP3 NSF FTM
03. Techracer MP3 NSF FTM
04. Azure Determination MP3 NSF FTM
05. Glaive (Original Version) MP3 NSF FTM
06. Glaive (Game Version) MP3 NSF FTM
07. Cold Friction MP3 NSF FTM
08. Hauling Gas MP3 NSF FTM
09. check your oil level!! MP3 NSF FTM
10. Burnout MP3 NSF FTM

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