Hey there! I'm Wally Chantek. I like to make music and art. That's about it. Well, a little history might be interesting, too.

At some point in my childhood, maybe around age 6-7, I realized I could recreate the character on my Tamagotchi in MS Paint by zooming in and copying the pixels. I didn't do much else with this newfound knowledge at the time, but it set the stage for when I started making games with Clickteam's The Games Factory a few years later. I did pixel art pretty consistently over the years, both for game ideas and for my own enjoyment. Even though I pixeled frequently, it wasn't until I was almost an adult that I actually started to see some improvement in my sprites. Around age 18 or so I started getting interested in sketching/drawing, but didn't really start to push it until I was 24 or so.

Along the way, I was absolutely obsessed with video games, something which continued to shape my creative interests. It was a magical time, and the industry's output felt like one endless rollercoaster of exciting new games and technologies. Honestly, I think one of my most vivid memories was experiencing Mario 64 for the first time. The game is still magical, and there's still nothing else like it, but seeing it fresh was unique.

Regarding music, I took a few years of piano lessons as a kid and got into guitar and music composition/arrangement around age 17. From there I did all the stuff on this site.

Anyway, yeah, I like art, music, and video games. I also do software development for a living. I guess that's actually about it!


If you want to contact me, please send me an e-mail at: .

Alternatively, you can send me a private message on Twitter. I'll probably respond faster via e-mail though, as I try not to spend too much time on social media. Also I'm not really interested in casual banter, just a heads up.

If you find any broken links or whatever on this site, please let me know so I can fix 'em!

Favorite Stuff

(as if it's possible to list all my favorite stuff... so here's just some of it)